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Lods instruction
Lods instruction

Lods instruction

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LODS - Load String (Byte, Word or Double) Usage: LODS src LODSB LODSW LODSD (386+) Modifies flags: None Transfers string element addressed by DS:SI

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May 16, 2014 - The size of the operation determines which register is targeted and how far the ESI register is advanced. For LODS DWORD , a double-word (32-bit)Opcode LODS. CPU: 8086+. Type of Instruction: User Instruction: LODS LODSB LODSW LODSD Note: Loads DS:[SI] (ESI for LODSD) value into AL, AX, EAX Opcode Instruction Clocks Description AC LODS m8 5 Load byte [(E)SI] into AL AD LODS m16 5 Load word [(E)SI] into AX AD LODS m32 5 Load dword [(E)SI] Jump to The LODS Instruction - The lods instruction is unique among the string instructions. You will never use a repeat prefix with this instruction.

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In cryptography, a Caesar cipher is one of the simplest known encryption techniques. In this method, each letter in the data to be encrypted is replaced by a letter SI - n LODS transfers the value (word or byte) pointed to by DS:SI into AX or AL. This instruction is always translated by the assembler into either LODSB, Load The no-operands form provides "short forms" of the byte, word, and doubleword versions of the LODS instructions. Here also DS:(E)SI is assumed to be the Opcode. Instruction. Description. AC. LODS m8. Load byte at address DS:(E)SI into AL. AD. LODS m16. Load word at address DS:(E)SI into AX. AD. LODS m32. Before executing the lods instruction, load the index values into the SI source-index register. After the data is loaded, the source-index register is automatically

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